New Digital-First Publisher One Bite Reads to Specialize in Mini-Novels

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New Digital-First Publisher Now Accepting Mini Novel Submissions From New And Emerging Authors

Digital-first specialty publisher One Bite Reads announced that it is now accepting proposals for mini novels across a range of fiction genres. One Bite Reads is seeking interesting and exciting stories, and is open to proposals from new and emerging authors.

One Bite Reads specializes in mini novels – complete stories that can be read in one sitting. The publisher is accepting proposals for stories in the range of 5000-10,000 words, and encourages authors to plan a series of mini novels.

To help authors plan a successful series of mini novels, One Bite Reads offers a free One Bite Series Planner to all aspiring authors. The planning guide can be freely downloaded from the website at

According to founder and chief editor Kevin Riley, “We believe in partnering with our authors. If we help them succeed, we all succeed. To help our authors, we’ve instituted such programs as our Fair Share Royalty Program, our 3-Step Editing Process, our Discover & Spread Program, and are implementing a number of other ways we can help our authors to get high-quality work out to a large audience of readers.”

To further help new authors, One Bite reads provides free guides (such as the One Bite Series Planner, the One Bite Edit & Polish Guide, and the One Bite Grammar Check Guide) and will also be offering a number of in-depth workshops, with step-by-step training, to help new authors excel at their craft. Kevin Riley is quick to point out, however, “Our workshops are not mandatory for authors to be published by One Bite Reads. We only offer the workshops to help authors achieve their best writing.”

About One Bite Reads

One Bite Reads is a digital-first publisher specializing in mini novels. The company’s mission is to provide a large audience of readers with well-written stories that can be enjoyed in one sitting. For more information on publishing with One Bite Reads, visit the One Bite Author Program website at


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