New Details Come to Light as More States Pile on to Lawsuit Against Apple, Publishers

New details have emerged in the e-book price-fixing lawsuit as more U.S. states join the lawsuit. has the breakdown (As 17 more states join class action against book publishers and Apple, new details revealed):

New York, the District of Columbia and fifteen other states have joined the e-book pricing class action suit against Apple, Macmillan and Penguin, bringing the total number of states involved so far to 31 (if you include DC and Puerto Rico). The amended complaint reveals details that were previously redacted, including an e-mail from Steve Jobs.

The states’ amended complaint, released Friday, makes public information that was redacted from the version filed in April. Much of the now-unredacted information is duplicated in the Department of Justice filing against Apple and publishers, but some of it is new, including an e-mail from Steve Jobs. The highlights:

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