New Book Discovery Site NetGalley Adds New Features, Complete Redesign

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NetGalley re-launches, adds new features for publishers and readers

NetGalley, a service to promote and publicize forthcoming titles to professional readers of influence, has unveiled a major re-launch of its site. The re-launch includes a top-to-bottom redesign, a new algorithm for publishers to better connect with members, improved reading options for Kindle, and a new Knowledge Base to support users. Over 200 publishers worldwide and nearly 80,000+ reviewers, bloggers, media, librarians, booksellers, and educators are accessing secure digital galleys via NetGalley.
Susan Ruszala, NetGalley’s President, commented, “With the support of publishers and professional readers, what started out as a simple concept—can we produce galleys digitally?—has evolved into an industry standard for the promotion and marketing of new titles. It is our privilege to help publishers ignite the word-of-mouth phenomenon that is the magic of selling books.”
Reviewers, bloggers, media, librarians, booksellers and educators can register for free at NetGalley, and request digital galleys from the catalog, or be invited to view a title by a publisher using the NetGalley widget. Once approved by the publisher, NetGalley members can view secure digital galleys on all major reading devices. As part of the re-launch, NetGalley has introduced a new “matching” tool for publishers who receive requests for their titles, including a measure of reader influence and activity.

NetGalley’s Director of Technology Aaron Miller—who has also built other innovative publishing tools such as ReadSocial—added, “Although today’s launch represents significant research, effort and investment in new features, it is truly only a starting point. There is a long list of requested new features and enhancements we’ve collected from our publishers and readers, and we are excited to dig in and continue building the site.”
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