New BISG Policy Statement Endorses EPUB 3

The Book Industry Study Group (BISG), in a new Policy Statement, gave its support to EPUB 3 as the preferred global standard for multimedia publishing. The statement endorses EPUB 3 as the accepted and preferred standard for representing, packaging, and encoding structured and semantically enhanced Web content — including XHTML, CSS, SVG, images, and other resources — for distribution in a single-file format.

According to a press release published August 6, the Policy Statement “addresses the critical need for the global book publishing industry to rally around a single standard for the creation of digital content in order to impede recent instances of fragmentation beginning to seep into the supply chain.

“Andrew Savikas, BISG Board member and CEO of Safari Books Online, said, “Safari Books Online strongly endorses EPUB as our preferred distribution and delivery format. We’re committed to extending that support to EPUB 3, particularly in new products and services that can showcase the enhanced design, multimedia, and interactivity capabilities of the EPUB 3 standard.”

“BISG Policy Statement POL-1201: Endorsement of EPUB 3 encourages all member companies and other industry stakeholders to work toward adopting the full range of functionality within EPUB 3 as soon as practical. It is understood that a period of transition is necessary for full implementation of the EPUB 3 standard. To guide industry stake holders through the transition, BISG published an EPUB 3 Support Grid in June 2012. The Grid is a comprehensive reference tool for understanding what enhancements and features of EPUB 3 are currently usable on which devices, apps, and reading systems. Due to the rapidly changing nature of EPUB 3 support, the Grid will be frequently updated in the first year of publication. The current version is available at

“In response to a request for comment, IDPF Executive Director, Bill McCoy, said, ‘The IDPF warmly welcomes the endorsement of EPUB 3 by BISG. BISG-sponsored initiatives such as the EPUB 3 Support Grid have been very helpful during the initial EPUB 3 roll-out, and BISG’s endorsement and promotion should further accelerate adoption. IDPF looks forward to continued close collaboration between other organizations to advance interoperable, accessible open standards, and reduce friction in the supply chain for digital publishing.'”


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