New Affiliate E-Bookseller Site reKiosk to Launch in August


reKiosk: Finally! A way to sell ebooks and music that puts (and pays!) the artist first.

Early Praise for reKiosk:

“reKiosk is an amazingly powerful tool for the 21st century music industry. Being both disruptive and engaging this technology and concept is likely to be the missing link between the social and buying experience and that goes well beyond just sharing.” -Benji Rogers Founder & CEO PledgeMusic

“reKiosk, an idea as clever as it is simple, could be the biggest thing in retail since Jeff Bezos left Wall Street for Seattle,” says O/R Books Publisher Colin Robinson.

For Immediate Release:
New York, NY: July 26, 2012
Now in open beta, reKiosk ( is a new initiative that allows anyone, anywhere to open a free, online store to sell ebooks and music.

Positioned to be the breakout alternative online retailer for ebooks and music, reKiosk is the first socially networked, affiliate sales website. The beta launch has been announced July 26, with a wide roll out scheduled for August 16 — and reKiosk founders Aziz and Darya Isham are available for interview and select media appearance (see full bios on next page).

Not only can artists and creators sign up to sell their own products, but reKiosk has a one-of-a-kind affiliate model that pays ‘reKioskers’ up to 25% of every sale made from their kiosk, no matter whose product it is. They’ve already established relationships with some of the biggest names in independent publishing and music, including Grove Atlantic, O/R Books, and PledgeMusic. reKiosk is a place where:

•       Writers and musicians can sell their own work
•       Publishers and record labels can sell their entire catalogs
•       Bloggers and critics can sell other people’s ebooks and music
•       Creators always receive 70% of every sale, while reKioskers make 25%
•       Artists that sell directly to their fans make 95% of every sale
•       Social media, blogs and other websites are seamlessly integrated, allowing for convenient cross-promotion
•       The middle man gets cut out so you can engage with and sell directly to your friends, fans and followers
•       Everyone is on a level playing field – no ads, no special treatment for big corporations
•       Curated search – people, not algorithms, help you find great products

Please let me know if you would like any additional information. I look forward to your review coverage of this groundbreaking release!

Check out to learn more.

“reKiosk is a way to sell directly to your fans, and to have your fans sell for you. We don’t believe that the digital age means that writers and musicians should have to give their products away for free – we’re solving the distribution crisis by creating an infrastructure allowing anyone, anywhere, to open a digital storefront and sell what they love.”
– reKiosk co-founder Aziz Isham
Aziz Isham (CEO) founded Arcade Sunshine Media, creator of the first socially networked publishing platform and has extensive contacts and experience in the field of new media distribution. Arcade Sunshine’s work has been called “the benchmark for interactive books in any genre” ( and has received widespread media attention. Before that, he was a producer and development executive who created series for A&E, History Channel, CBS, Discovery and National Geographic. He was the VP of JWM Productions, one of the country’s top independent production companies, and has worked for 60 Minutes II, was a sailor in the South Pacific, a chef in Argentina, a chess coach in New York and a sixth-grade teacher in Morocco. He got his BA from Yale in Anthropology and grew up in New York City with his sister, Darya.

Darya Isham (COO) was just finishing up her Master’s Degree in Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences from Columbia University when her brother approached her with the idea behind reKiosk. Having simultaneously been working as COO for a startup political risk firm, where she spent a month travelling in Africa, she was eager to continue in the startup world and build a company completely from scratch in an industry that she had grown up around and felt passionately towards. Her post-college career had been focused on the financial services sector as Darya started on the trading desk of a woman run Hedge Fund in 2006. Within the year, she was promoted to Head of Investor Relations and Chief Compliance Officer. She eventually took over all operations for the Fund during the height of the financial crisis and through its eventual dissolution. Darya then went to work at a much larger investment firm in Washington, DC where she managed the accounts, totaling over $5 billion until she moved back to NY for her degree and to pursue the desire to build a sustainable company that impacted society positively.


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