New Academic Publishing Venture Promotes New Model for Open Access

A new academic publishing venture promises to give researchers who publish peer-reviewed articles to open access journals more control over their ability to publish, according to a report in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

PeerJ charges researchers a one-time fee to become members but then allows them to submit for review and publication a number of articles per year depending on the fee they pay. For many other open access academic journals, authors pay per publication.

Open access is a relatively new scholarly publishing model where peer-reviewed articles are free to read — as opposed to subscription access, where readers pay to subscribe to a journal.

In open access academic publishing for science and medical writers, authors of papers pay a fee to be published — the fee goes to defray the cost of producing the academic journals. Benefits to publication include things like securing tenure, getting promotions and sharing one’s work, wrote Jennifer Howard, the reporter at the Chronicle for Higher Education who write about PeerJ, in an email to Digital Book World.

The price for a lifetime membership for PeerJ starts at $99 for one article a year. For $259, authors can publish as many articles as they want.

The new venture is being backed by O’Reilly Media, among others.

Read more in the Chronicle for Higher Education.


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