Negotiating Ebook Royalties

Negotiating Ebook Royalties
A lot has changed in book contracts over the past decade or two. Most notably, ebook rights and royalties are now a big part of what gets negotiated. In fact, there are now contracts strictly for ebooks – in the case of ebook-only publishers, for instance.
In ebook contracts, as with any other book contracts, the main issues at stake boil down to three things:
1. How will the content be used by the publisher?
2. For how long?
3. How will the proceeds be divided?
While the going ebook royalty at big publishers is 25%, at smaller publishers it’s up in the air and needs to be negotiated. Same is true for the duration of the contract and so many other issues that are subject to fresh debate in the ebook era.
Read more on the six essential issues at stake in ebook contract negotiation.

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