Nebraska Department of Education to Crowd-Source E-Books for Teachers, Students

Harnessing the power of iBooks Author, the Nebraska Department of Education is initiating a program that would see students, state agencies and graduate and doctoral students creating e-books for use by state students and teachers.

Call it e-textbook crowd-sourcing.

The program is aimed mostly at filling gaps left by traditional textbooks, many of which don’t cover Nebraska state history extensively, according to Nebraska’s Lincoln Journal Star. Students, agencies and others will be able to use the simple iBooks Author technology to plug those holes, loading the e-books onto iTunes where they can be downloaded by anyone. The education department will act as a clearinghouse for the content.

Educators in the state, however, worry about maintaining high quality and the reviewing of the content. While the education department admits it doesn’t have the resources to review all the content, the program’s proponents hope to get help from teachers in doing so.

The idea is the brainchild of the state’s technology integration specialist who says that the state is behind the times when it comes to e-books and it’s time for it to catch up.


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