Nearly 20% of People Now Using Cell Phones as Primary Online Device, Pew Says

According to a new Pew Internet study out today, 17% of U.S. people aged 18 and over use their cell phone as their primary Internet device. About half use their cell phones to go online.

Cell phones, like tablet computers, have become devices that readers use for many different purposes, including e-reading. According to a recent BISG study, nearly 10% of those who read e-books prefer smartphones for the task. About a quarter of books are now read on tablets.

As e-reading continues to grow and more readers are using different devices to read e-books, publishers will have to learn how to produce products for an increasing array of form factors — from e-readers to smartphones to tablets to laptops and desktops.

Recently, Pew Internet released a study that suggested that those who borrow e-books from libraries are also heavy book buyers.

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One thought on “Nearly 20% of People Now Using Cell Phones as Primary Online Device, Pew Says

  1. gridlockmanifesto

    I can certainly see why cell phone internet usage has increased because it is incredibly convenient, especially with the speeds available from major carriers. I have the iPhone 4S, and although Siri doesn’t search for everything, it is nice to use the feature for certain searches. At any given moment you catch me I’m on my phone accessing my Dish Remote Access account because I can change my DVR recordings, which I do often. I can even make changes easily when I’m on by break or lunch at Dish. I also like to check my account status, and pay my bill that way. Using my phone for internet this way is so convenient and I can’t put a price on that kind of convenience.



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