Mystery in the EU E-Book Price-Fixing Settlement

Four major publishers and Apple have agreed to a settlement with the European Commission over the issue of e-book price-fixing.

It’s much like the settlement Hachette, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster entered into with the Justice Department, so we won’t go into details.

There is a mystery here, though: Macmillan and Apple are part of this settlement and they weren’t part of the settlement in the U.S. Why did Macmillan and Apple decide to settle in Europe but will go to court next summer in the U.S.?

Macmillan told The Bookseller, “it is in the best interests of our European business.” Apple has been mum.

If the settlement is approved (there is a month-long public comment period), we could have Macmillan playing the agency game in the U.S. and using a different model in the EU.
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