Muso, Pirate Nemesis, Takes Aim at Torrent Sites

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Last summer we engaged Muso, a British-based antipiracy service, to help Curtis Agency and E-Reads authors take down files of their books that were being carried on illegal filesharing websites. A number of agents and authors followed suit and have taken advantage of Muso’s aggressive search-and-remove program.

Muso has announced that it is adding takedowns directed at torrent distribution sites, flagrant but elusive copyright violators that have up to now frustrated efforts to combat them.

This antipiracy service is offered free of charge to clients of Curtis Agency and authors published by E-Reads. We also serve as liaison with Muso for other agents, authors and publishers. Click HERE for more information and price quotations.

Below is Muso’s announcement.

Richard Curtis


We’re pleased to announce that Muso now supports takedowns for torrent sites. Over the last two weeks we’ve been scanning for torrent files for your campaigns and you may have already noticed torrent results appearing in your campaigns.

We’ve integrated these results into our existing system so taking down a torrent file is just as easy taking down a cyberlocker file – simply hit the ‘Send Takedown’ option once you’ve verified that the file is yours. This means all our existing features, such as filtering, grouping and auto takedowns, all continue to work with torrents.

No extra charge

Torrent takedowns are included in all pricing plans, with no extra charge for searching for torrent results! A torrent takedown is charged in exactly the same way as any other takedown you send, and of course, reminder messages are free.

Sites supported

As with cyberlockers, we aim to support every site. We’ve already added all the major torrent sites such as,,, and And we’ll keep adding more sites over the coming weeks.

One notable omission is The Pirate Bay, which we haven’t added because they don’t support DMCA takedowns. Although there have been attempts to shutdown this site for many years, it does appear that sites that do not conform to DMCA are now receiving even more attention from the authorities and many are being successfully shutdown.

Coming Soon

As we announced a few weeks ago, we are planning to add support for Google takedowns soon. This will allow you to remove google results for any site which refuses to react to DMCA (e.g. The Pirate Bay), or to remove any sites that link to illegal copies of your content that are being listed above legal download sites.

DMCA Misuse

We’ve noticed a recent increase in articles on the web discussing inappropriate use of DMCA notices. Although none of these are directly related to our user’s takedowns, we would like to remind all our users to use Muso responsibly. We strongly believe that DMCAs are currently the best tool to tackle online piracy, as they allow rights holders to have content removed quickly and easily. But it’s important that they aren’t misused, and that you only issue DMCA notices to files that you own the rights to.

Please ensure that you properly review all files before sending takedowns – here are some tips on the review process.

Always check the file name – if it doesn’t uniquely identify your product, then select the S icon to the right of the file name to view the web page where this link was found, which will help you to identify the file.

If you have a large number of files to review switch to the Groups tab to view the files grouped by name, so you can takedown or ignore groups of files at once.

If you only want to takedown files for specific releases, or if your campaign’s title is a generic word, then use the SEARCH/FILTER options to filter out unwanted results.

Only use the ‘Send Takedown For All Files’ button once you have reviewed all available files and ignored any that you do not own the rights for.


The Muso Team

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