‘Most Technologically Advanced Book’ Backed by Russell Crowe May Not Reach Kickstarter Goal

For hundreds of years, most people have gotten along fine consuming information through words on paper in binding — or in some analogous form (this includes most e-books). A relatively new and ambitious Kickstarter project is hoping that its new take on storytelling will appeal to people, too.

A new book project, “The Numinous Place,” calls itself “a transmedia sci-natural thriller that promises to completely change the relationship between the author and the reader-consumer” and “the world’s most technologically advanced book,” according to an email from one of the project’s promoters.

Authored by Mark Staufer, the screenwriter for the upcoming Bill Hicks biopic, the project has a prominent backer in actor Russell Crowe (who is directing said film) but is still $30,000 or so short of its $75,000 fundraising goal on Kickstarter.

If the book project does get the funding it seeks, readers can look forward to a story told with short stories, articles, documents, video, audio, instructional content and interactive features as well as a “mind-twisting” ending.

Confused? The video below explains all:

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3 thoughts on “‘Most Technologically Advanced Book’ Backed by Russell Crowe May Not Reach Kickstarter Goal

  1. Ron Martinez

    Thought you’d like to know that our headline is incorrect. Russell Crowe isn’t a backer of this project. He’s directing an unrelated film written by the creator of this project.

  2. Dean Johnson

    The headline is correct – Russell is directing Mark Staufer’s Bill Hicks film (as the article says) but he has also invested a substantial amount in The Numinous Place via Kickstarter.



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