More Publishers Go DRM Free

According to Publishers Lunch, some of the publishers distributed by Chicago-based e-book distributor IPG have decided to sell their books without digital rights management software.

IPG was in a three-month contractual dispute with e-bookseller Amazon which meant that the publishers that IPG distributed for were not being sold on the market-leading e-tailer’s website during that time. In the interim, some of them decided to begin selling their books without DRM because they thought that it would give them more leverage with their retailer partners and that readers would appreciate it, according to Publishers Lunch. Now that the dispute is over, buy buttons are back on Amazon.

In the past few months, more publishers have been opting to sell books DRM-free. Most recently, on Monday, Macmillan’s Tor imprint announced that it would begin selling all of its books DRM-free at a new e-bookstore.

Read more at Publishers Lunch.


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