Middle School Class Creates Top-Selling Enhanced E-Book For iTunes

Few publishers have so far been able to solve enhanced e-books. Perhaps publishers should take a cue from a Gulf Breeze, Fla. middle school class that took on the creation of an enhanced e-book as a class project.

The class’s teacher assigned students to create multimedia content around the local gulf-coast wildlife, which had been recently impacted by Hurricane Katrina (2005) and the Deep Horizon oil spill (2010).

The students used iBooks Author and iMovie to create the enhanced e-book, which sat atop the nature category in Apple’s bookstore as a best-seller for two weeks (Middle schoolers create interactive eBook):

The students were instructed to take pictures of living organisms that interested them, then write a story based on the organism they chose.

The end result was an e-book published on iTunes called, “Creatures, Plants and More! A Kid’s Guide to Northwest Florida.

The e-book was released a couple of weeks ago and held the top position in the nature category for almost two weeks.

Read more and see a video report of the story at fox10tv.com.


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