Media-to-E-Book Trend Continues: Chronicle of Higher Education Publishes First E-Book

More non-book-publishing media companies are joining the e-book fray.

The latest is the Chronicle of Higher Education, a Washington, D.C.-based trade magazine that covers the higher-education industry. The book is Rebooting the Academy by Tim McCormick and Jeffrey Young and is available as a Kindle e-book, Nook e-book or through The Chronicle of Higher Education’s iPad app. The book should appear in the iBooks store soon, The Chronicle said.

The e-book is based on a project the Chronicle did earlier this year, profiling the top innovators at universities. The book is made up of the profiles plus essays by the innovators themselves.

“There’s a sense that people are looking for digital content more than ever,” wrote Young in an email. In addition to being one of the authors of the book, Young is a senior technology editor at The Chronicle. “We want to be part of providing the best information about higher education in all of the formats our readers are using to try to do their jobs better.”

The Chronicle plans to publish more e-books. The next one, out in late August, will be aimed at graduate students about and about their advisors.

The Chronicle uses InDesign to publish its magazine and so used the Adobe technology to publish its EPUB file for the book. It used Calibre to generate the Kindle and other versions.

“We think there’s value in bringing all this material together in one convenient package, now that so many college administrators and professors are reading on e-readers and tablets,” wrote Young.

The Chronicle joins Vanity Fair, NBC and Hearst, just to name a few, as another media player that does not publish books as its core business engaging in e-book publishing.


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