Marvel Launches New Digital Imprint and Transmedia Division

Marvel Comics announced at SXSW that it would launch a new digital imprint, Infinite Comics, as well as a transmedia initiative called ReEvolution, which will be “incorporating augmented reality technology into print books.” Publisher’s Weekly has the story (Super Folk: Marvel’s Digital Comics Line, DC’s New Website and Creator Changes, Sales Surge in February):

Modern Marvel Launches Original Webcomics Line
For the past few weeks, Marvel Comics had been promising to make a big announcement at the South By Southwest Interactive/film/music festival (SXSW, for short), drumming up interest in what the publisher was describing as “a revolution.” With nothing to go on except a name (Infinite Comics), fans and critics were left to imagine what potential game changers the House of Ideas had up its sleeve, with most settling on a new digital comics initiative. The plans came to light Sunday at the “Marvel: House of Ideas” panel, where some of Marvel’s top execs (including Publisher Axel Alonso and Senior Vice President of Marvel Digital Media Peter Phillips) unveiled Marvel Infinite Comics, a new all-digital imprint, as well as “ReEvolution,” a new publishing initiative incorporating augmented reality (AR) technology into print books.

Read more at Publisher’s Weekly.


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