Many Authors in India Don’t Yet Release Books as E-Books

Even as e-book sales catch fire around the world, attitudes toward e-books among the publishing community lag in some places. In India, for instance, according to this article in the Hindustan Times, many authors do not even publish their books in e-book format.

Two impediments discussed in the article, which is otherwise riddled with errors (Amanda Hocking from the UK?), are cost of e-readers and tablets and e-book piracy (Are eBooks a no-show in India?):

Not only are the eBook sales low here, but many Indian authors are not even releasing their works on this platform. Best-selling author Amish Tripathi was one of the many who decided not to offer his popular Shiva trilogy as eBooks. “It is only a matter of time before India catches up with the rest of the world in the current eBook frenzy. But they aren’t popular yet,” he explains.

Read more at the Hindustan Times.


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