Majority of U.S. Students Prefer Digital Textbooks

Some 58% of U.S. students prefer digital textbooks to print because they’re easier to carry and they are believed to be cheaper than print textbooks, according to a new study from e-textbook publisher

That said, many students don’t buy textbooks altogether, according to the study, because they are “too expensive” and many students are frustrated that only parts of textbooks are used in courses.

An infographic from Bookboon explains the results:

One thought on “Majority of U.S. Students Prefer Digital Textbooks

  1. Frank Miller

    Well of course and professional students, graduate students, law students, medical students, all the sciences and engineering students needs the digital book publishing revolution to come to them NOW and in a big way, get rid of over priced tomes that are too big to carry. All those need to be in better higher capacity eReaders and then the publishing industries, large and small, Big Six etc and the Indies will have a huge market and at least some of this petty whiner baby BS about loss of profit margins will go away as cost especially for these ‘coffee table” sized volumes will shrink by huge percentages, prices can do down by at least 50-8-% and profits will increase. When these publishers, the Big Ones Wise Up? Are they all dummies? Stuck in old Paradigms. The iBook publishing platform and others as eReaders such as kindle catch up to iBook capabillities in displaying say anatomy and basic science books in better detail than the print version will destroy their business model if they do not start to MOVE and move fast.



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