MacMillan to Pilot E-Book Library Lending Program

Major publisher Macmillan is reportedly going to engage in a pilot program to test e-book library lending, according to Publishers Weekly.

Macmillan confirmed the news in a statement to Publishers Weekly:

“We have been working hard to develop an e-book lending model that works for all parties, as we value the libraries and the role they play in the reading community. We are currently finalizing the details of our pilot program and will be announcing it when we are ready, and not in reaction to a demand.”

Macmillan is one of two major book publishers that does not currently sell e-books to libraries for lending. Simon & Schuster is the other publisher.

Random House and HarperCollins sell e-books to libraries, but with caveats: Random House e-books cost much more for libraries to purchase them than consumers; HarperCollins e-books may only be lent out 26 times before they need to be purchased again.

Penguin and Hachette are currently engaging in pilot library e-book lending programs. It recently came to light that Hachette raised the prices it charges libraries for its back-list of e-books by an average of 104%.


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