Macmillan Allowing Limited Ebook Discounting

According to a report in Publisher’s Weekly, Macmillan is now allowing retailers to discount some of its highest priced titles by 10%.

From PW,

“In recent months, Macmillan began to allow their agents to discount e-books that are priced at $13.99 and above by up to 10% of the digital list price on a title by title basis. For instance, Thinking Fast and Slow and Bring Up the Bodies both have an e-book list price of $14.99 on the Macmillan Web site, but are available at Amazon for $13.49.”

The item also dives into the new pricing agreements between publishers and retailers, citing unnamed sources.

The new discounting means that Penguin and Random House are alone in the U.S. among big-six publishers to completely set their own prices for titles. Penguin, like Macmillan, is facing a lawsuit from the Department of Justice over allegedly colluding with Apple and other publishers to fix the prices of ebooks. Unlike in the U.S., Penguin settled with authorities to resolve a parallel investigation in Europe — some speculate in advance of its merger with Random House, which is not under investigation.


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