Looking Forward to 2013

Good morning on the last business day of 2012. It’s been a wild year in ebooks and digital publishing and probably nothing you do today will affect how you end the year – in your business or in your career.
But you can still do much to affect your 2013. We at Digital Book World firmly believe and, in fact, stake our entire business on it that information about what has happened, what is happening, what may happen and what it all means can help you succeed.
With that, we urge you to take time today to look ahead to 2013 at all the events that are likely to occur and take stock on how you might adapt your business or career to take advantage.
We also urge you to continue in 2013 to do all you can to continue to educate yourself and stay abreast of the latest news and trends. Read all you have time for – DBW and our friends out there in the media world – talk to as many colleagues as you can about your business concerns and theirs and attend as many conferences as you can, including the upcoming Digital Book World Conference + Expo in New York in just a couple of weeks.
Good luck in 2013!

Ten Bold Predictions for Ebooks and Digital Publishing in 2013 (DBW)
We spoke with about a dozen publishing experts to bring you the ten most interesting – and bold! – predictions for the ebook and digital publishing future. Our signature look at what is to come in 2013.
The Cutting Room Floor (DBW)
Our experts didn’t make exactly ten predictions and we had to pick and choose the best ones to make our top ten list. But that doesn’t mean that some of the others weren’t interesting to think about. Here we bring you five predictions that just didn’t make the cut.
Personal Prognostication (Forbes)
What makes DBW’s predictions different than others is that we derive them from those outside the organization but where does that leave DBW editorial director Jeremy Greenfield? He wants to make predictions, too. Here are three of his, including one that’s a little more than a “prediction.”
Trendspotting (Pub Trends)
Publishing Trends gathers insights from industry insiders Don Linn, head of University of Chicago Press’s distribution, Larry Norton, head of business development at INscribe digital and Brendan Cahill, CEO of NatureShare.
Reporter Prognosticator (GigaOm)
Book reporter Laura Owen makes three predictions for 2013. Her colleagues at paidContent and GigaOm come along for some digital media predictions of their own.
Smashing Predictions (Smashwords)
Outspoken founder and CEO of self-publishing platform Smashwords Mark Coker makes 21 predictions for 2013.
Children’s Trends (DBW)
Children’s publisher scholastic brings you ten trends to watch out for in children’s publishing in 2013.
The Future of Publishing? (Wired)
Wired sat down with Tim O’Reilly, considered by some to be a publishing visionary and CEO of O’Reilly Media, the company that runs the Tools of Change publishing technology conference. What’s the key to the next big thing? It may not be more books, digital or otherwise, and O’Reilly is pretty frank about that.

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