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There was much merriment a while back over a news item about a manufacturer that was producing a line of aromatics simulating book scents. One of the aromas was, no kidding, “Crunchy Bacon.”

“This,” we observed, “is a welcome novelty for noses jaded by such natural book fragrances as grass, leather, printer’s ink, and decaying paper. Hopefully, the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France will invest heavily in shpritzing their collections with Crunchy Bacon. Some other but lesser known aromas associated with books are baked lamb shank, General Cho’s Chicken, and asparagus vinaigrette.” (See Aerosol Makes Your Nook Smell Like Crunchy Bacon)

We should not have been surprised to read that “The Autumn Publishing Group, part of Bonnier Publishing, has revealed The SPLOTZ™, a new range of scented books, under its scent-sational new division, Smellessence.”

The SPLOTZ!™, we are informed, “centers on a group of cute characters each with a distinct smell and personality to match. Kids will want to collect them all! Boasting a fragrant aroma of innovation, with strong base notes of creativity and top notes zinging with fun, the Smellessence technology is set to invigorate the children’s book market.”

We’re not sure how well the concept will work for Where’s the Poop? or Walter the Farting Dog, but if we’ve learned anything from this experience it’s not to mock any concept, however far-out. They have a way of materializing right under your nose.

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