Korean E-Book Market to Boom? Google Thinks So

Google chose Korea as the first Asian country in which to launch its e-book business, reports the Korea Herald.

Google is partnering with local publishers to offer Korean readers books on Android smartphones. Google Books will be available on iPhones and iPads soon, the company said.

Google chose Korea as its first Asian market for e-books because of the country’s high adoption rate for smartphones, a Google spokesperson told the Korea Herald.

The Korean e-book market was about 289.1 billion won (about $255 million) last year, according to the Korea Electric Publishing association, which also predicted that the market would double in size in 2013 and comprise 20% of the total publishing market at that point. If that’s the case, it would put the U.S. e-book market about a year ahead of the Korean market in terms of e-book adoption.

Read more about developments in the Korean e-book market, including about local device players, in the Korean Herald.

[h/t to Gary Price and INFOdocket]


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