Kobo Crashes Amazon’s Party With New Device Announcement

The e-book industry has had September 6 marked on its calendar since Amazon revealed in late August that it would be making an announcement that day to a select group of press at an exclusive event in Santa Monica, Calif.

Heedless of its much larger competitor, Kobo made its own product announcement this morning, unveiling three new devices: two e-readers and a tablet computer.

The Kobo Glo ($129.99) is a response to Barnes & Noble’s Nook with GlowLight e-reader that has a built-in reading light – it’s $10 cheaper, too.

The Kobo Mini ($79.99) is a slightly smaller e-reader and is meant to appeal to the cost- and fashion-conscious reader.

The Arc tablet ($199.99 to $249.99) was designed specifically for readers, the company said, and has a built in Pinterest-like feature called “Tapestries” where users can “pin” their favorite books and other content to “tapestries” and receive recommendations. The more they pin, the better the recommendations get, said the company.

While Kobo couldn’t hope to match the excitement surrounding Amazon’s announcement later today, the company did manage to steal a little bit of the Seattle giant’s thunder.

That said, what will Amazon announce later today? Some guesses: new, cheaper Kindle Fire; 10-inch Kindle Fire; very cheap or free e-reader; a back-lit e-reader; a tablet-e-reader Frankenstein.

Read more, including pictures of the new devices and complete product specs.


An Amazon Phone? (The Verge)
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