Known Unknowns in Slowdown in Rise of E-Books

Despite showing a nearly 40% increase in sales in April, the rise of e-books is slowing, the salad days of doubling revenue share (or more) each year now in the past.

This could be good news for publishers, writes Mike Shatzkin (publishing consultant and Digital Book World partner), giving them a bit more time to adapt to the new realities of the publishing world.

Even as the pace of change in publishing slows slightly, giving publishers time to take stock and plot their next moves, there are many key questions that go unanswered, according to Shatzkin:

How much of the sales growth decline is due to the rise in prices of certain e-book best-sellers sold by agency publishers that control the prices of their wares?

How much of the sales growth decline is due to migration among e-book readers to tablet computers from dedicated e-readers?

How is bricks-and-mortar store traffic being affected by the shift in the reading of best-sellers to digital?

Will mass-merchants continue to see books worthy of their shelf space?

Read more at The Shatzkin Files.


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