Kindle Fire Surpasses iPad Among E-Book Readers, Survey Says

More e-book readers now read on Kindle Fire devices than iPads, according to a new survey.

About one out of every five e-book readers read their books on a Kindle Fire, a shade better than the 17% who do so on an iPad, according to the latest flight of the Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading report from the Book Industry Study Group and Bowker. That 20% is up from 7% just six months ago when the survey was last conducted.

“Device ownership is an important factor in predicting the future. In previous studies, changes in levels of device ownership have presaged changes in e book buying behavior,” said Angela Bole, BISG’s deputy executive director in a statement. “One of the strengths of this study is that it can plot such evolution, preparing publishers for what e-book consumers want and expect from them next.”

The survey also showed that consumers are increasingly reading e-books on tablets as opposed to dedicated e-readers. Still, Amazon’s Kindle e-reader is the most-used e-reading device with 35% of readers using it.

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Data for the survey was derived from a panel of about 1,000 e-book consumers who are surveyed monthly.

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