Kindle Fire Sold Out, But How Many?

Want to buy a Kindle Fire today? Too bad, because Amazon has sold out of the tablet computer.

The company made this strange announcement yesterday, sparking immediate speculation that a new Kindle Fire will be unveiled at next week’s Santa Monica, Calif. event. And, since nothing can be kept a secret for more than 24 hours on the Internet, alleged photos have already been published of the new device.

The question on everyone’s mind is, how many Kindle Fires did the company sell before it ran out?

Publishers Lunch has done some math on the matter and come up with six million. The New York Times did its own math and came up with the same number.

We’re all in agreement then: The Kindle Fire has sold six million units. Well, all of us except Amazon; the company has been mum. A request for comment on the matter by Digital Book World has not yet been answered by Amazon.


Amazon Buys 1,000 Publication Contracts From Dorchester (DBW)
Amazon Publishing has acquired the publication contracts for much of Dorchester Publishing’s back-list. Dorchester authors will be invited to join Amazon Publishing and receive any royalties they were owed by Dorchester. This move was announced in June with the formal auction taking place this week.

E-Readers Will Shrink in Popularity, But Not Disappear (DBW)
According to a new report, fewer e-readers will be sold every year for the foreseeable future, but they will not go the way of the dodo. This might not be great news for e-book publishers: People who read only on tablets may buy fewer e-books.

The Next E-Book Boom (Pub Perspectives)
With 400 million readers, it’s been long though that South America would provide the next jump for e-book sales. So, why hasn’t e-reading there taken off yet?

Barnes & Noble Lands Three More UK Partnerships (DBW)
The new partnerships, including two bookstores, brings the number of retailers that will be carrying the Nook in the UK to nearly 800. Two of them, Blackwell’s and Foyles, only have deals with B&N right now. Blackwell’s has told Digital Book World that it will only be selling the Nook.

How Much Money You Will Get From Publishers (PaidContent)
Did you buy an agency-priced e-book published by Hachette, HarperCollins or Simon & Schuster between April 1, 2010 and May 21, 2012? Do you live in any U.S. state aside from Minnesota? If so, you’re in luck! You’re going to get paid many monies owed to you as stipulated in the latest DOJ-U.S. states-publishers settlement. How many monies? As it turns out, not many.

Digital Drives Hachette; Slowing Down (DBW)
Digital revenues are up 20% at Hachette through the first half of the year. They make up 27% of overall revenue. Impressive numbers if taken in vacuum – unfortunately, they may represent a significant slowing of growth in digital revenue.

Byliner Launches Serial Imprint (DBW)
Margaret Atwood kicks off the new serial program, Byliner Serials, with her series Positron.

University Presses Get Into Short-Form E-Book Game (AAUP)
Princeton Shorts, launched last fall, is joined by University of North Carolina’s UNC E-Book Shorts and Stanford Briefs as short form e-book programs at major university presses. Now that there’s three, it’s officially a trend.

Questions About the Kobo-ABA Deal (DBW)
Selling devices isn’t like adding a pencil display near the cash register. There are certain questions booksellers should be asking themselves before they go down that road. Hopefully the ABA will provide the support booksellers need to have Kobo fare better than Google Books did.

More Details on Kobo-ABA Deal (PW)
Powell’s is among the bookstores that will be selling Kobo devices when they are available to indies.

On Cheating (Bloomberg)
Fake reviews may have been paid for, but at least they weren’t plagiarized. Some 125 Harvard students allegedly plagiarized on a final exam and are now facing disciplinary action. Also, Harvard will be “reminding students of the importance of ‘academic honesty.’” And not a moment too soon. Our guess is that final-exam plagiarizers grow up to be fake-review writers.

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