Kindle Banished!

Wal-Mart will no longer sell Kindle devices after its current supply of the devices runs out. A company spokesperson said that the move was consistent with the retailer’s merchandising strategy, Reuters reported.

We can read between the lines, though: It’s an attempt to blunt Amazon’s e-tail business as Wal-Mart tries to grow its own online retail venture.

As much as the Kindle Fire is a tablet computer with Web, email and app capabilities, it’s also a store – the perfect portable portal for and all the physical goods it sells.

Not selling the Kindle Fire in Wal-Mart stores won’t stop Amazon from selling a boat-load of the devices; the first go-round, the Kindle Fire was the best-selling device on from when it was announced until it was “sold out,” the company said.

It’s worth noting that Target made the same move some five months ago and that Wal-Mart will continue to sell other tablet and e-reading devices from Apple, Barnes & Noble and others.

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