Justice Department Receives 800 Letters Commenting on E-Book Price-Fixing Case

A spat has developed between attorney Bob Kohn and the Department of Justice.

According to PaidContent, Kohn says the Justice Department is violating antitrust laws by delaying the publication of the 800 letters it received in response to the e-book price-fixing settlement proposed by Justice and the three settling publishers: HarperCollins, Hachette and Simon & Schuster.

Justice says that it hasn’t had time to publish the letters due to sheer volume and that it filed an extension and that, furthermore, the public wouldn’t be harmed by the delay.

Kohn responded that he saw no record of such an extension and that it wasn’t the Justice Department’s place to determine if a delay was harmful.

He said, she said, Gov said — PaidContent has more.

Experts say that despite the deluge of public comments disapproving of the e-book price-fixing settlement, the settlement is likely to go through.

One thought on “Justice Department Receives 800 Letters Commenting on E-Book Price-Fixing Case

  1. Ken E Baker

    Is 800 letters a small amount or a large amount of voices, I wonder. With millions of readers effected, and the publishing industry as a whole, I would not want the DOJ to rush into things without fully taking into consideration the feedback from the consumers that they are trying to project.



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