Justice Department Overwhelmed by Comments on E-Book Price-Fixing Settlement

The Department of Justice has received over 150 comments topping 200 pages regarding the e-book price-fixing settlement it agreed to with three of the publishers it sued recently for allegedly colluding to raise e-book prices, according to Publishers Weekly.

Because of the deluge of comments, Justice will not be printing them in their entirety but instead will post them online at the antitrust division’s website and publish the Web address in the Federal Register. Reportedly, printing would have cost over $100,000 and would delay the case. Both sides in the case have agreed to this measure.

Question is, why not publish it as an e-book? One wonders what model that e-book would be sold under — agency or wholesale? Would discounting be allowed and how much?

The presiding judge, Judge Denise Cote, has set July 27 as the final day for motions to be filed in the case.

Read more at Publishers Weekly.



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