Jeremy Lin Hits E-Bookshelves With Quick Turnaround Book, Linsanity

By Jeremy Greenfield, Editorial Director, Digital Book World, @JDGsaid

Signaling both new realities in the book business and the incredible hype of the Jeremy Lin story, Vook has published Linsanity: The Improbable Rise of Jeremy Lin just weeks after Lin became a household name and Lin puns began to dominate headlines.

The first of likely many books about the National Basketball Association’s newest superstar, Linsanity, like Lin’s rise, was a quick turnaround: 72 hours of writing by novelist and sportswriter Alan Goldsher; 36 hours of building the e-book; in stores less than 24 hours later. Six days from concept to e-bookstore: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo.

The book went on sale earlier today and costs $1.99, a “promotional price,” said Jason Allen Ashlock, president of New York-based literary agency Movable Type Management, which represented Goldsher and arranged the deal with Vook.

The speedy turnaround of the book was due in part to the Vook platform, according to Ashlock.

“The Vook platform offered us an opportunity that we’d never have had years or even months ago – to publish directly and immediately into a trend,” said Ashlock.

The book is 15,000 words long and contains no images or multimedia outside of the cover art.

Cover art for the quick-turnaround book.

“We’re in conversation with various parties about licensing certain images and video for the enhanced edition,” said Ashlock in an email to Digital Book World.

Lin is the starting point guard for the New York Knicks. Just a month ago, he was a bench player that few gave much of a chance of having an NBA career. Since, he has started nine games for the Knicks, leading the team to seven wins and two losses over that period. He is widely credited for turning around a losing season for the Knicks, which had been riddled by injuries.

CORRECTION: There have been several other books out about Lin. Click here for a list. To our knowledge, this is not the first. We regret the error.

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One thought on “Jeremy Lin Hits E-Bookshelves With Quick Turnaround Book, Linsanity

  1. Marie

    I hope he can keep it up. It’s a great story so far. I’m sure the top point guards in the league will beat him now, but he is young and will keep improving. He is like John Stockton and have a long career ahead of him. I need to catch up on the games, I’ve only seen the news so far.



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