Is the Term ‘Legacy Publisher’ Outdated?

As publishing companies adapt to the e-book era, the term “legacy publisher” may be as outmoded as the print-focused businesses it seems to describe, suggests Mike Shatzkin, publishing consultant (and Digital Book World partner), in his latest blog post at The Shatzkin Files.

The term “full-service” might be more apt. Publishing houses were not built initially as author-centric service organizations, writes Shatzkin. They were created around editorial ideas: to publish literary fiction; or romance books; or dictionaries. Today, however, they are evolving into service organizations with authors and intellectual property at the heart of the operation.

As authors have been able to self-publish or partner with new kinds of publishing companies outside of the major New York-based houses to release new titles, publishing companies have had to pivot to become more author-centric.

Random House, for instance, touted its new author-centric approach in a statement last week outlining its record first-half revenues and profits.

Read more at The Shatzkin Files.


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