Irish Bookstore Chain to Release Own E-Reader Later This Year

Irish bookseller Eason will manufacture and sell its own e-reader, the Bookseller reports. The device is set to launch this year and will be part of the store’s digital zone, where it sells other e-readers and e-books.

The reader program will work similarly to Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Unlike the Nook (November 2009), the iPad (January 2010) and the Kobo readers (July 2010), the Eason reader will be released into a mature e-book and e-reader market. Nook and Kobo were both launched by bricks-and-mortar booksellers trying to break into the e-book market (Barnes & Noble and Canada’s Indigo, respectively).

Will being five years late to the e-reader party (Kindle was launched in 2007) prevent Eason from capitalizing on what is still a red-hot and growing market? We’ll find out later this year.

Read more at the Bookseller.


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