Inspired by Penguin, Spanish Publisher Launches Self-Publishing Site

Inspired by Penguin’s acquisition of Author Solutions and by its Book Country project, Spanish publisher Roca has launched a self-publishing platform, Rocautores, which translates roughly to “Roca authors” (the “a” in the middle is used for both words).

Unlike other self-publishing services, each manuscript will be first evaluated by an editor at Roca. More explanation from the official announcement with help from Google Translate:

Rocautores is a platform on which the author may submit their work for evaluation by a team of professionals, receive a read and if positive, may purchase our editing service: an editor / to advise and make changes that will the style and orthographical and typographical corrections necessary. After the issue, the text will be converted to epub format, and the author may request the publication and distribution of his work, at no additional cost.

Sounds like Author Solutions with an editorial filter. Read more of the official release through Google Translate.

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