In three words: what does discoverability mean to you?

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A tremendous thank you to, and round of applause for, our wonderful contributors.

  • Bella Andre – Fans, covers, metadata. – Best-selling author
  • Bob Mayer – Great writing, characters. – NY Times best-selling author and founder of Cool Gus Publishing
  • Jean Kaplansky – Needle. Haystack. Go! – Solutions architect, Aptara
  • Karol Gajda – Unique, relatable, personal. – Founder of
  • Kate Rados – Whoever’s loudest wins. – Group Digital Marketing Director, F+W Media
  • Leigh Ann Ambrosi – Essential or perish. – Vice president, brand publishing, Crown Publishing Group
  • Matteo Berlucchi – Recommendation marketplace, non-algorithmic. – CEO of London-based social e-bookseller aNobii
  • Mindy Stockfield – Taste-Tweet-Buzz. – Vice president, digital, Hyperion
  • Nicholas Callaway – Discoverability equals vulnerability. – CEO of Happy, a New York-based lifestyle app developer
  • Rebecca T. Miller – Metadata gets sexy. – Editor-in-chief of School Library Journal
  • Richard Curtis – Sometimes happy accidents. – President of Richard Curtis Associates
  • Rick Richter – Metadata, Brands, Cross-selling. – CEO of Ruckus Media Group
  • Sanj Kharbanda – Metadata, marketing, hand-selling. – Vice president of digital strategy at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Sarah Burningham – Smarter, not louder. – Founder of Little Bird Publicity
  • Thad McIlroy – Easy to find – Vancouver-based digital publishing consultant

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5 thoughts on “In three words: what does discoverability mean to you?

  1. Bob Mayer

    Interesting in that there are some polar opposite comments. Which goes back to there are many roads to Oz and Oz means different things to different people.
    Thanks for including me!

  2. Pilar Wyman

    How about: “Walk this way”.

    Seriously, I’m surprised nobody included the word “Access”.
    Something is discoverable only if you can get to it. That is, it’s all about accessibility and maybe even universal access, as far as I can tell.



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