IDPF to Create EPUB3 Test Suite for E-Readers

The International Digital Publishing Forum, a standards organization for the digital book publishing industry and champion for the EPUB3 e-book format, will be releasing a test suite for e-readers to determine how EPUB3 compliant they are.

The move is part of a larger campaign by the IDPF to make EPUB3, an e-book format built on the ubiquitous website coding language HTML-5, the standard format for e-books. While many publishers have come out in support of standardization and of the EPUB3 format in particular, popular retailers that have to build their e-readers to support functionality that EPUB3 allows have yet to universally adopt both the concept of standardization and any particular format.

When loaded onto a particular e-reader, say iBooks, which supports much of EPUB3 functionality, the test suite will tell the user what EPUB3 functionality the e-reader supports, what functionality it doesn’t and to what degree.

While the iBooks platform supports much of EPUB3, said IDPF executive director Bill McCoy, it doesn’t support some parts of Javascript and other EPUB3 features, for instance. The new test suite, if used on iBooks, would reveal that.

“EPUB3 adoption will evolve based on the business constraints of the retailers and publishers,” he said, adding that the test suite is only one of the initiatives that the IDPF is working on.

In addition to iBooks, both Google and Kobo e-readers support some parts of EPUB3.

One thought on “IDPF to Create EPUB3 Test Suite for E-Readers

  1. R.S. Vern

    Yes, it would be great if more ebookstores can adopt epub3 books. When we published our book series “Haee and the other middlings”, we had to create 2 versions: 1 basic version and 1 animated enhanced version. Needless to say, many were a lot more excited about the animated enhanced version but could only get it on ibookstore, and readable only on iPad/ iPod Touch. Well, check it out at



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