Hyperion Hires Hollywood Veteran as Editorial Director of Franchise Publishing to Liaise With Disney/ABC

Hyperion has hired a Hollywood veteran to work with its parent company, the Disney/ABC Television Group, to find new publishing franchises to develop around already existing television and film content.

Former talent agent Laura Hopper will join the company as editorial director of franchise publishing and report to Hyperion editor-in-chief Elisabeth Dyssegaard.

“Laura will fill a key role for us, helping to expand our successful collaborations with our many partners at DATG,” said Dyssegaard in a statement.  “We believe no one does synergy better than Hyperion and having an editor on the ground in Los Angeles gives us a unique advantage.”

Finding synergies between television and book publishing have long been a key part of Hyperion’s strategy. Hyperion publishes the popular series of “Castle” books, based on the ABC drama Castle, a show about fictional detective novelist. The “Castle” books are authored by the fictional character Richard Castle.

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