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…Richard Curtis.

The editorial directors of Digital Book World have graciously extended to me an invitation to blog for digitalbookworld.com. I’ve blogged for many years – the counter says 1,935 pieces as of this date – on the website of the e-book publishing company I founded, E-Reads. Pieces I post here will be reprinted on ereads.com after a lag of a couple of days.

Some DBW subscribers may be familiar with my name and views about the traditional and digital book industries, but since the only household in which I am truly a household name is the Curtis household, a few words of introduction are in order.

I started my career as a writer, and have over fifty books to my credit. Don’t bother looking me up on Amazon.com, because my literary credits have been co-opted by the British film personality of the same name. Besides, with few exceptions my books died quiet little deaths and I have not seen fit to republish them, not even in my own publishing company.

I have been a literary agent (curtisagency.com) since – well, let’s just say since the twentieth century. In response to many questions from writers about the process of book publishing I wrote a column or over a decade for Locus, the science fiction trade magazine. When I started blogging I recycled many of those pieces and discovered to my great surprise how little the world of writers and writing has changed. I invite you to drill down into the E-Reads archives to see for yourself.

The first time I laid eyes on a CD-ROM in the late 1980s I had a flash of insight that one day people would be able to insert a disk or Rom card into a lightbox and be able to read a book. Though my technology was obviously primitive the basic concept was correct, and I began dreaming and planning for the day when such a gadget became a reality.

That happened at the end of the 1990s with with the introduction of the first e-book, the Rocketbook. Around the same time the print on demand press was perfected. These two cornerstones of digital industry were also the inspiration for my decision to become an active player in the Digital Revolution. I started E-Reads in 2000. Today it is a thriving publisher of genre backlist e-books and POD paperbacks by leading names in their fields.

My dual role as literary agent and publisher give me special insights into the book industry. I was going to say “unique”, but as a number of agents have now entered the e-book arena I can claim only to be the first to have done so.

As for the insights, that’s what I’m here for, and I hope you will benefit from whatever wisdom I have gained in my navigations between the Old World of publishing and the New.

Richard Curtis

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Richard Curtis

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Richard Curtis is a leading New York literary agent (www.curtisagency.com) who foresaw the Digital Book Revolution and launched an e-book publishing company early in 2000. E-Reads (www.ereads.com) is one of the foremost independent e-book publishers in the industry, specializing in reprints of genre fiction by leading authors in their fields. Curtis is also a well-known authors advocate, author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction including several books about the publishing industry, and prolific blogger – see his hundreds of other blog posts here.


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