Harvard Librarian Vows Nationwide Digital Public Library Launch by April 2013

From Publishers Weekly (Robert Darnton Promises Digital Public Library by 2013):

Scholar and Harvard University librarian Robert Darnton vowed that the Digital Public Library of America, a nonprofit, nationwide effort to digitize and offer access to millions of free, digitized books and special collections would launch by April of 2013. “I make this promise to you,” Darnton said at the close of his talk, entitled “Digitize, Democratize: Libraries and the Future of Books”: “We will get this done.”

At the outset, Darnton confessed the plan had something of a “Utopian” ring to it. “But I might as well confess,” he said, “I have a sympathy for Utopianism.” History demonstrates, he said, “that things can fall apart, often in revolutionary moments, in ways that can release Utopian energy.”

Read more at Publishers Weekly.


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