Hachette: Sales Shuffle and DOJ Settlement Update

Six months after appointing a new head of sales and marketing, Hachette has announced a sweeping reorganization of its sales structure. At the same time, Hachette is in the middle of its most important sales negotiations in recent memory: re-setting all its contracts with e-book retailers.

The two have little to do with each other except in timing. So here’s the skinny:

— The 100-person Hachette sales force is now three divisions (basically: retail, strategy and operations, and international/special markets) and will add a small amount of headcount. The new organization is meant to help align Hachette with the new book sales marketplace, driven by digital growth.

— We should expect Hachette to announce new agreements with e-book retailers soon. The negotiations are being led by the new chief marketing and sales officer Evan Schnittman and are being run concurrently with the new reorganization.

Subtext: If you want a job in book sales, Hachette is hiring. And expect new pricing on Hachette titles soon.

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