Hachette: DRM Doesn’t Stop Piracy

Maja Thomas of Hachette talks about her experience with DRM, both as head of Heachette Digital and as head of Hachette’s audio book business, which abandoned DRM when the rest of the audio industry did. From paidContent (Will Hachette Be The First Big-6 Publisher To Drop DRM On E-Books?):

DRM is just “a speedbump,” Hachette’s SVP, Digital Maja Thomas said at Copyright Clearance Center’s OnCopyright conference this afternoon.

DRM “doesn’t stop anyone from pirating,” Thomas said in a publisher panel. “It just makes it more difficult, and anyone who wants a free copy of any of our books can go online now and get one.

Read the rest at paidContent.org. Thomas goes on to talk about how removing DRM might benefit publishers because it would help combat what she calls “device lock-in.” This dovetails with Anobii’s comments on the matter from the Digital Book World conference. Hachette is not one of the three big publishers backing Anobii; they are Penguin, HarperCollins and Random House.

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