Hachette Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Evan Schnittman: We Need a Diverse E-Book Market (Video)

“We need a diverse e-book market and not just a best-seller e-book market,” said Hachette’s new chief marketing and sales officer Evan Schnittman to Digital Book World at Book Expo America in New York in early June.

Part of cultivating that diverse e-book market is helping bookstores get involved in the e-book marketplace.

As the book world has changed in the past several years, many bookstores have remained the same — at least in their purpose as a showroom for books.

What has changed, perhaps, is that today, readers can browse in a bookstore and then buy the book or e-book elsewhere, perhaps even online through their mobile device while in the store. Book publishers should consider this when dealing with bookstores, perhaps offering bundling options for print and e-books.

“You’re in the store for discoverability, now let’s get you the content you want in the format you want,” said Schnittman.

He continued:

I’ve always dreamed of what I call the enhanced hardcover – letting a bookstore…be able to instantly allow a customer to say, “I want this print, I love it, but I also want the e-book, because I’m going to buy this, I’m going to have this, but when I’m on the road, I’ve got my e-book”

If that’s 20% of the market, we’ve just done ourselves and our entire industry a huge favor.

Hear more from Schnittman in the video below:

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One thought on “Hachette Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Evan Schnittman: We Need a Diverse E-Book Market (Video)

  1. Samir Shah

    Yes. The ‘bestsellers only’ narrow market is an eReader phenomenon. The wider more diverse eBook market will happen as tablets penetrate more and more.



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