Gutenberg Launches MyEbookFactory E-Textbook Production Tool

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When thousands of paper textbooks become interactive…

After 3 three years of development and testing with some of the world’s most influential editors (Pearson, Hachette, Vista Higher Learning), Gutenberg Technology announces the official release of its SAAS solution to multi-device publishing: MyEbookFactory. This solution allows publishers to digitize school books by the thousands and to publish them in all existing mediums (Android, iOS, Windows 8, Internet, etc.). The books are completely interactive. When a student is using his e-book to study, the e-book can suggest questions for the student to answer depending on the responses the student has previously given. In this way, the textbook has now truly become a personalized and customizable object.

Today, publishers are being confronted with a monumental task: digitizing the colossal numbers of books that make up their catalogs, all the while maintaining an efficient production flow and managing the related costs, “We offer a solution to this challenge, that solution is called MyEbookFactory,” asserts François-Xavier Hussherr, CEO of Gutenberg Technology. There are currently no other solutions for industrial production of massive numbers of books.

Other companies like Inkling, and software like the IBooksAuthor, allow one to develop apps, but their priority is neither the quantity of the digitized books nor interoperability on various systems (iOS, Android, Windows 8). “MyEbookFactory is a viable industrial solution; it allows you to simultaneously digitize up to 1,000 school books per month on any device (10,000 books in two years time). And at the same time it provides a set of interactive functions for the content. You no longer need to coordinate specific development for each outlet; the publisher gains time, saves money, and internalizes his digital production”, the founder remarks. Working from the print PDF, MyEbookFactory structures the IT content (XML), stocks it in a database, and allows the publisher to add any necessary enrichment before export onto any existing device, and all this in just a few hours.

It is the 1st solution in the world that finally allows publishers to digitize their stock of thousands of textbooks internally, and gain interactive functions in the meantime: “The true digital revolution is that the book will only start its life when it is published. Books published by MyEbookFactory can be connected to the publisher’s own database. With these e-books, you can do exercises that are interactive and adaptative, take notes, and enrich the content”, the CEO adds.

The decrease in the cost of tablets is just one of many factors that are pushing those in the publishing sector to anticipate an imminent replacement of the paper book by the e-book. In 2015, paper books will be completely obsolete in South Korea. This year Brazil plans to buy 600,000 tablets for every the teachers in the country. In Thailand, low-cost tablets will be given to students in their first year of elementary and middle school; that’s a total of 1.7 million students. In Chili, 1.2 million high school students already use the Internet and/or smart phones to revise for exams. Furthermore, we are all aware of the fact that the weight of book bags continues to worry parents, and that governments are always looking for a way to lower their expenses; paper is expensive and cumbersome. One thing is clear: the personalized, digital textbook has quite a bright future in the midst.

About Gutenberg Technology: With offices in New York and Paris, Gutenberg Technology has over 40 personnel. The company is already working on the latest update to its multi-device publishing solution finalized during the first half of 2012. The goal is to continue to improve and expand the production capacity of MyEbookFactory, as well as to develop functions that will enrich the textbook of the future. This is both the wager and the promise of Gutenberg Technology: an industrial process that will offer competitive costs, quality E-books published simultaneously on any device, and an entire range of operations controlled by the publisher.



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