Google Play to Help Search Giant Compete Better With Apple, Amazon?

According to Danny Sullivan at Marketing Land, Google Play could help Google compete better against Apple and Amazon in the content game (Android Market Becomes “Google Play,” Reflects Google’s Multiplatform Content Aims):

Positioning Against Apple & Amazon

I wonder if the change will cause Apple and Amazon to consider some repositioning. Apple’s content is primarily designed to be viewed only through Apple devices or Apple software. If you want to watch that movie, or read that book, you won’t be doing so unless you’re using an Apple iPhone, an iPad or iTunes, to my understanding. Songs are more transportable, but you’ll be buying them through iTunes.

In contrast, Amazon is an amazing marketplace of not caring how you consume your content. I can read my books through the Kindle apps I run on my Mac, my Windows PC, my Android phone, my iPhone, my Android tablet, my iPad — as well as on actual dedicated Kindle devices I own, such as the Kindle Fire. I’ve listened to music I’ve purchased through Amazon via the web on my iPod, Android phone and iPhone. I’ve watched movies I’ve purchased through my PC, Kindle Fire and Roku.

If Amazon has a weakness, I’d say it’s that there’s no unified apps-books-movies-music storefront that both Apple and now Google have. Amazon sells everything, and its music area is separate from its video area, which is separate again from books.

Perhaps we’ll see Amazon go the Google route and launch something like “Amazon Play,” to better allow it to compete if Google’s new name catches on. As for Apple, it would take a real leap to see the company decide to open up its content to be more multiplatform. The lock to Apple devices and software helps it ensure a better user experience plus helps keep generating the cash from all those devices it sells.

Read the rest of the post at Marketing Land.


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