Glenn Beck Launches ‘Wrath and Righteousness’ E-Book Series



Best-Selling Author Chris Stewart’s Futuristic Thriller Will Be Released Like a Television Series
With Ten Episodes Appearing Exclusively on E Over the Course of 12 Months

Mercury Ink, Glenn Beck’s publishing division, announced today that it will be publishing Wrath and Righteousness, an ebook exclusive series by New York Times best-selling author Chris Stewart. The series, which will be released in 10 “episodes” over the course of approximately 12 months, will premiere May 8, 2012 at Amazon, B&N, Apple, Kobo and other major e-book sellers.  Each episode will feature a television-style sneak peak of the next installment. The first ebook will be only $2.99 and subsequent episodes will be just $5.99.

The Wrath & Righteousness series is a first-rate, ripped-from-the-headlines thriller about the eternal battle between Light and Darkness. Focusing on the politics of the Middle East, and leveraging the author’s detailed understanding of defense technology, the series explores just how quickly the world can succumb to evil.

Beck said: “There are two things I love in this world – thrillers and addictive television shows – so what better thing to do than combine those concepts. ‘Wrath and Righteousness’ brings together some of the best elements of a page-turner in the format of a compelling television show. Chris has written a book that both entertains and informs and we are excited to be publishing it on E in a very unique way over the next twelve months.”

“The story shows the drama between the good and evil in our day,” Stewart said. “I love the idea of telling such a compelling story through installments that will keep the readers engaged. It’s another example of how the world of entertainment is changing, giving readers the opportunity to experience something they never have before.”

Kevin Balfe, Senior Vice President of Publishing at Mercury Radio Arts said: “Mercury Ink is committed to experimenting with new technologies and unique ways to connect our authors with readers.  Given the relevancy of this series to current events we were looking for a new way to release this material so that readers wouldn’t need to wait five years for it to fully resolve. The rise of digital publishing gave us a great opportunity to accelerate their experience without cutting any corners.”

Mercury Ink is the publishing division of Mercury Radio Arts, Glenn Beck’s multi-media production company. Its first book was the #1 New York Times bestseller Michael Vey by Richard Paul Evans. Mercury Ink is the sole publisher of the Wrath and Righteousness series. Each title will be available wherever ebooks are sold.

In Wrath & Righteousness, the forces of Darkness, actively seeking to destroy all that is good, have focused their efforts on Saudi Prince Abdullah al-Rahman, second in line to the Royal House of Saud. By tempting the Prince with the Saudi throne, and power beyond his wildest imagination, Lucifer and his servants hope to unleash Armageddon and bring down the United States.  Meanwhile, a select group of individuals—blessed by Providence and given a special mission—have set out to challenge Lucifer’s plan. As players on both sides of the battle are inexorably drawn together in a fight for eternity, a child is born who may have the power to change everything. Wrath & Righteousness, adapted from Stewart’s The Great and Terrible series, examines the eternal battle between Light and Darkness while also asking one of the fundamental questions of our existence: what is mankind’s relationship to the spiritual world

Chris Stewart is the New York Times bestselling author of several books, including The Miracle of Freedom and Seven Tipping Points that Saved the World. He is also a National Award winning author of Seven Miracles that Saved America: Why They Matter and Why We Should have Hope.


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