F+W CEO David Nussbaum: Discoverability and Data Are Key Issues in E-Book Publishing (Video)

Just because a company puts on a conference, doesn’t mean it can’t learn from it.

F+W Media chairman and CEO David Nussbaum attended Digital Book World in January and, like “every other company here,” was searching for solutions.

The problems requiring solutions, according to Nussbaum? Discoverability and data.

“We have a dramatically changing marketplace where Borders went away,” where Barnes & Noble has reduced shelf-space for books by 20% and e-readers, while an exciting new distribution platform, don’t offer the same discoverability options as traditional bookstores, Nussbaum said. “How do you get your product discovered?”

As for data, there are open questions among many in the publishing industry: “How do you accumulate data? What do you do with the data? How important is it? How do you learn more about your customers?” asked Nussbaum.

Since the conference, F+W Media, which owns and operates Digital Book World and DigitalBookWorld.com, launched an e-book subscription site for art enthusiasts, an answer to the questions of discoverability and data. Others have followed F+W since in an attempt to encourage readers to discover new content as well as to gather information on their needs and habits.

Nussbaum at Digital Book World on the topic:

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