Farm Co-Op Sun-Maid Publishes E-Book to Celebrate 100th Anniversary


Sun-Maid Introduces Free 100th Anniversary eBook

KINGSBURG, Calif., May 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —  Now celebrating its 100th Anniversary, Sun-Maid, the world’s largest processor of raisins and dried fruits, announced the release of its new eBook, Sun-Maid Raisins & Dried Fruits: Serving American Families & the World Since 1912.  A digital edition of the print book created by London-based, world-renowned publisher Dorling Kindersley earlier this year, the eBook is available to download for free at and through the iTunes store.

“Everything you ever wanted to know about raisins and dried fruits is there,” said Creative Director Anna Palecek.  “And while the book celebrates their history, people will also be surprised to learn how these simple, nutritious and naturally delicious foods have adapted to the times and remained relevant in today’s rapidly changing world.”

With something for everyone, Sun-Maid Raisins & Dried Fruits includes the following:

Background Story : Tracing their history from ancient times to today, raisins and dried fruits have a delicious and colorful story to tell, including their place on the dining tables of royalty and the original “Sun-Maid Girl” who brought these foods into generations of homes and hearts.

Their Many Uses : The collection of more than 50 favorite recipes featuring raisins and dried fruits was gathered from culinary experts across the globe—cookbooks, food magazines, food manufacturers—and 100 years of Sun-Maid recipe books.  The universal appeal of raisins and dried fruits continues to expand as the message that dried fruits are nutritionally equivalent to fresh fruits gains support from health researchers worldwide.

From Field to Table : The California story begins with family farmers who immigrated to California over 100 years ago.  These grape growers utilize sustainable natural resources of sun, soil and water, and are constantly improving their farming practices.  Since 1912, Sun-Maid has marketed and distributed their natural sun-dried raisins to the kitchens and tables of American families and the world for enjoyment in a culturally diverse assortment of festivals and holidays as well as everyday breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner occasions.

“Not only is the book filled with beautiful, vibrant photographs that ‘pop’ even more when viewed on an e-reader or computer monitor, it’s also amazing that consumers can access this resource anywhere, anytime,” Palecek continued.  “With the eBook, we can instantly connect with consumers around the world, giving them information and recipes in a matter of seconds.”

An organization that has both honored tradition and continually adapted to change, Sun-Maid looks toward the future with its eBook and another project: bringing the face of their brand, the Sun-Maid Girl, to life through social media.  The Sun-Maid Girl recently launched her own Facebook page at, a platform where she shares her adventures with fans.

“While the process of making raisins and dried fruits has remained relatively unchanged over the past century, information technology and international commerce continue to close the distance between the grapevine and consumer,” added Sun-Maid President Barry Kriebel.  “Sun-Maid’s vision is to successfully build on our legacy and use the best available technologies to serve the world for the next 100 years.”

About Sun-Maid

Founded in 1912, Sun-Maid Growers of California is a farmers’ cooperative owned by 750 family farmers whose vineyards comprise approximately 50,000 acres in California’s Central Valley.  Headquartered in Kingsburg, California, Sun-Maid’s facilities are centrally located in the heart of the world’s largest raisin producing area, featuring long, dry summers optimal for grape production and natural sun-drying of grapes into raisins.  Sun-Maid is the leading consumer brand of raisins and dried fruits in the United States and distributes products to more than 50 countries worldwide.  For more information, please visit, and Facebook at and

SOURCE Sun-Maid Growers of California


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