Enhanced Projects Best Practices

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Tune in on January 19th at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT for more on enhanced ebook and app strategy.

Enhanced ebook and app projects offer publishers new opportunities to present their titles in exciting and interactive ways. But with additional content come some fresh stumbling blocks bringing your titles to market. We’ve put together three experts with a wealth of experience creating, marketing, pricing, and testing enhanced projects to help you put together the best strategy for your content.

Attendees Will Learn

  • Questions to ask your pub board before they acquire new content.
  • The pros and cons of an enhanced ebook versus an app.
  • What are the tricky steps your team will need to master in order to manage your workflow.
  • Surprises and roadblocks to watch out for with enhanced projects.
  • Best practice suggestions for pricing, marketing, merchandising, and selecting your enhanced projects.
    enhanced projects.

Who Should Attend

This webcast is meant for publishers large and small in editorial, marketing, and production. Registration for this event is past due. If you are a member or for more information on how to become a member, you can find the recording in our webcast archives.


  • Rick Joyce, Chief Marketing Officer, The Perseus Books Group
  • Joshua Tallent, Founder/CEO, Ebook Architects
  • Ron Martinez, Founder, Aerbook


  • Matt Mullin, Community Relations Manager, Digital Book World


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