Ebook Growth Continues to Slow Across Trade

Gone are the days of triple-digit ebook growth.
According to the latest numbers from the Association of American Publishers, adult trade ebook revenue only grew by 48% in July 2012 versus the same period last year. For any business, that kind of growth in just a year would be stupendous; but the ebook business has had four straight years of triple digit growth.
Even children’s ebooks, which have lagged in growth versus their adult counterparts, dipped below the triple-digit threshold for the first month this year, “only” increasing revenues 89% in July 2012 versus the same period last year. Children’s ebook growth had been at a furious pace in the first half of the year mostly due, we think, to The Hunger Games. Now that that best-seller is finally falling off the list, children’s ebook growth is coming back down from the upper atmosphere – not quite all the way to earth but almost. Children’s ebook growth year-to-date is still 222%.
Ebooks are still propelling growth across the trade, too. The entire trade is up 13% year-to-date versus last year – a note to those who have been predicting gloom and doom for trade publishing.
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