Earth Day Kindle Book Giveaway by Vancouver ‘Well-Being’ Institute


Earth Day’s Free Amazon Kindle Book: ‘A course in happiness’ Available for Earth Day 2012
For Earth Day 2012, “A course in happiness” is available for free on Amazon Kindle; readers can take a green pledge for Earth Day 2012, and sign the Oneness Declaration

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — To celebrate Earth Day 2012, the Institute of Subjective Well-Being makes “A course in happiness” available as a free Amazon Kindle book on from April 18th until April 22nd (Earth Day). Instead of paying for it, readers are invited to take a green pledge for Earth Day 2012, and to sign the HT Oneness Declaration.

“Joyful living is part of who we are as human beings. Happiness is facilitated by the beauty and generosity of our Planet. Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate this, and to strengthen sustainable daily habits,” says the book author, Frank Ra. “A course in happiness” was the Top One rated (fiction and non-fiction) book in the Kindle Store in March. It is currently the Top One rated book for Mental Health, and top Three for Self-help. It received very positive reviews, from readers and international media.

Digital books (and digital content delivery in general), plus synergies between local bookstores and print-on-demand publishers, help to preserve the environment. Trees are saved, and there is a carbon footprint reduction on printing, delivery, storage, waste-disposal, etc. Earth Day is an inspiring time to leverage green publishing practices, and take a green pledge to live a more sustainable life, and to sign the Oneness Declaration, celebrating how interconnected humanity is.

About Earth Day

Earth Day was created to mobilize the Earth’s citizens, to expand awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. As a UN-approved day, it is celebrated in more than 175 countries. People from all around the World are invited to make a green pledge for Earth Day. Residents and visitors of Vancouver, Canada, can join the Earth Day Vancouver spontaneous gathering.

About Frank Ra

Frank is a Dharma instructor, well-being facilitator, and author. After living “La Doce Vita” in his native Italy, he started to travel and, in less than 10 years, visited over 30 countries and 80 cities. He lived in England, USA, Estonia, Canada, etc. He facilitates the popular Eckhart Tolle – Power of Now Vancouver gatherings. As one of the Humanity’s Team coordinators, he hosts the “Neale Donald Walsch – Conversations with God Vancouver” meetings.

About the Institute of Subjective Well-Being

The Institute of Subjective Well-Being creates awareness about established and pioneering research in the field of subjective well-being. Membership to the Institute of Subjective Well-Being (ISWB) is free and open to media professionals, researchers, students, and the public at large.


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